In addition to the functions that are available to registered users, there are many options and functions that are only available to paying members (premium members).

The premium membership costs 10 euros per year (12 months). You can apply for the premium membership in the members area at "Premium Membership".(Click Here)

The following table shows the additional functions you can get by becoming a premium member.

  Unregistered Users Registered Users Premium Members
Costs free free 10 euro per year (12 months)
can send all e-cards/photos yes yes yes
multiple recipients at the same time 10 10 10
check e-mail addresses for common errors yes yes yes
select time and date of sending yes yes yes
music / designs / fonts / smileys / pick-up notification / save as pdf yes yes yes
edit planned e-cards yes yes yes
edit e-cards which have not been picked up but sent yes yes yes
addressbook no yes yes
reminder service limited yes yes
hide sexy/erotic content - yes yes
Stamps 84 84 861
effects yes yes yes (add. options)
e-card background images 85 85 945
smileys current selection up to 377 up to 1129
backgroundcolor for textwindow and design 60 60 330
show pictures as a slideshow new picures new picures all categories
combine text with photos to generate new e-cards selection of photos selection of photos all of photos
Bordercolors 60 60 330
Photo-borders 5 5 102
spellchecker at low server load at low server load yes
Combine js-effects with texts on the picture one each one each 3, unlimited
Combine js-effects with texts on the picture one each one each 3, unlimited
profile picture for the recipient´s notification - yes yes
block e-mail address from (accidental) usage by others - yes yes
Show which ecards you have already sent (to a recipient if selected) - yes yes
overview of received, sent and planned e-cards - yes yes
configure amount of time between sending of cards and confirmation - yes yes
Show previous messages while entering the text - yes yes
add additional e-mail addresses to your account - yes yes
e-card archive - 5 e-cards 1000 e-cards
save e-cards as draft - 2 24
Auto save of the ecard during text editing - every 90 seconds selectable frequency
The following functions/options are for premium members only:
      Premium Members
upload and send your own photos - - 100
-> increase per year of premium membership - - +50
own stamps - - 100
own smileys - - 10
own e-card backgrounds - - 50
hide e-cards from overview - - yes
browse photos in fullscreen mode - - yes
give away 2 month test premium memberships - - 5 per month
overview of favorite pictures - - yes
overview of favorite music - - yes
select how many days before the event the reminder mail gets sent - - yes
plan time of sending in steps of 5 minutes - - yes
sort "my e-cards" by recipient or sender - - yes
select which fonts are to be available - - yes
full length music preview - - yes
mark those recipient who have already received the ecard when selecting additional recipients - - yes
Costs free free 10 euro per year (12 months)
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