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CoolPhotos.de is a project of

Michael Carsten
Südring 35
37079 Göttingen
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VAT REG NO: DE280901882
Phone (please use E-Mail for support):
0049 551 38174035

All photos and ecards were produced by Michael Carsten.

If you want to use the content of CoolPhotos.de privately you may do so. If you want to publish any of the pictures on the internet you have to link to www.coolphotos.de or name the source visibly next to the picture and inform me of the use.

I do not take responsibility for the content of linked websites or the completeness, accuracy or availability of the content on CoolPhotos.de. The sole responsibility for the content of ecards send via CoolPhotos.de lies with the sender of those ecards. In most cases the ecards can be delivered to the intended recipients. However I do not take responsibility for the delivery of the ecards. Especially in cases of wrong e-mail-addresses or problems with spamfilters the delivery may not be possible.

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